Qube is committed to managing our business in a safe and responsible manner. We work with our people to ensure our teams are diverse, engaged and empowered to deliver positive outcomes for our customers and the communities in which we operate. We strive to manage our business in an ethical and transparent manner ensuring that we have appropriate frameworks and systems. We are committed to ensuring our environmental footprint is monitored, assessed and minimised.

The Sustainability Framework defines how sustainability is integrated across the business and sets the requirements for annual objectives, metrics and target setting.

Sustainability at Qube means the safety and wellbeing of its people, caring for the planet and managing our financial performance, productivity and economic sustainability.

Sustainability is linked to Qube’s business strategy because the sustainability of Qube’s activities is important to the company’s future success. Qube’s sustainability strategy is shaped by its five pillars: Safety. Wellbeing. Planet. Opportunity. Success.

As an integrated supply chain company, Qube’s contribution to sustainability is also achieved by providing its customers with industry leading solutions that drive and provide efficiency, reducing the impact of customers’ operations on the environment.

Qube works with the local communities in which it operates to achieve better social outcomes, implementing a range of initiatives focusing on social responsibility, local and Indigenous employment and stakeholder engagement.

Qube embraces diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. Qube relies on, and encourages, its people to contribute a diverse range of skills and experiences in order to deliver the best outcomes for its customers. Qube continues to strengthen its focus on recruiting strategically to increase workforce participation across a range of demographics.


We believe our team should go home unharmed.

‘Zero Harm’ is an aspiration we will always strive for.

In both our physical health and mental health.

‘Thrive’ is about helping us to look after both.

Both matter every day. And we all have a part to play.

Everything we do needs to be done safely.


We believe we all deserve to be our best.

Good wellbeing helps us to be our best.

‘Thrive’ helps us to nurture good wellbeing as well as safety.

As individuals. And as a team.

It supports who we are and what we can achieve.

Good wellbeing sets us up for success.


We believe in supporting the planet that supports us all.

We seek and seize opportunities to be more sustainable.

These are outcomes we don’t just want to achieve.

These are outcomes we need to achieve.

For our future and beyond.

Because we only have one planet.


We believe in opportunities for our team and customers.

We create training and career opportunities for our team.

To grow our people. Benefit our customers. And our business.

We seize opportunities to innovate, improve and expand.

To support our people. Build our customers. And our business.

Success begins with opportunity.


We believe in delivering the right outcomes for all.

Whatever the opportunity, we collaborate to create the right outcomes.

Investing in technology and innovation sets up the right outcomes.

Our relationships and know-how deliver the right outcomes.

For our customers, our people, our business, our shareholders and partners.

When we deliver, we all succeed.

We are committed to playing our role in addressing the physical transition and market risks of climate change and the implications for our business. We aim to be a supply chain leader to transition away from fossil fuels and we will maintain a dedicated program to drive continued improvement in carbon emissions reduction, energy efficiency and reduction in fuel use.

To view our Decarbonisation Plan in our Sustainability report click here