Qube is committed to managing our business in a safe and responsible manner. We work with our people to ensure our teams are diverse, engaged and empowered to deliver positive outcomes for our customers and the communities in which we operate. We strive to manage our business in an ethical and transparent manner ensuring that we have appropriate frameworks and systems. We are committed to ensuring our environmental footprint is monitored, assessed and minimised.

Qube is focused on four key pillars in our sustainability strategy:

  • People and Culture which emphasises the importance of aligning our people and culture with business needs and values as well as consistent standards;
  • Community and Partners to ensure that we align and connect at our local operations level, our suppliers and contractors;
  • Governance which establishes synergies, systems and frameworks throughout our organisation with common goals; and
  • Environment which guides our way on minimising our organisation’s footprint.

Our people are our strongest asset and we are committed to ensuring that we provide safe working environments. We have reinforced our commitment to driving education throughout the organisation on health, safety and well-being through ongoing training, education programs and employee-focused initiatives. The safety of our people is of utmost importance and we continue to focus on Zero Harm. We cannot underestimate that our organisation is only as good as our people. As a business, we remain focused on transparency in our reporting and ensuring sustainability is a guiding principle in our organisation.

The Qube 2019 Sustainability Report details the strategy and initiatives undertaken by Qube to ensure a sustainable organisation that is focused on optimising the way in which we operate and the future that we share.

To view the Qube Sustainability Report click here.