Qube is committed to creating a healthy place of work for our people. We acknowledge the importance of healthy lifestyle and the associated benefits to employees, customers and the wider community. We view wellbeing holistically, considering not only physical health but mental health and wellness.



Our objective is to prevent injury and illness through a culture of health promotion, prevention and early intervention. To meet our commitment Qube aims to:

  • Provide and maintain a healthy and safe workplace which promotes physical and mental wellbeing of our people
  • Ensure work practices are subject to risk management methodology and appropriate levels of control are applied to identified hazards and risks
  • Report and investigate all incidents and injuries, identifying controls to minimise reoccurrence
  • Implement and action early intervention programs to assist injured employees return to pre injury duties
  • Provide health specific resources and training to employees of Qube

Underpinning our commitment to a healthy place of work is QubeCare.


What is QubeCare?

QubeCare is our platform for promoting healthy lifestyle, in order to maintain fitness for work, within our duty to provide a safe working environment. The QubeCare commitment is incumbent upon all employees, to take responsibility, accountability and care in all interactions while at work. The QubeCare commitment complements our existing Zero Harm values, whereby the safety and wellbeing of our people comes first.

QubeCare encompasses:

  • Health Promotion and Awareness- increased promotion of positive wellbeing
  • Early Intervention- preventing and minimising the impact of illness or injury and providing early intervention mechanisms
  • Monitoring and Prevention- developing mechanisms and processes to monitor and prevent illness and injury through reducing risk and enhancing protective factors.

If you have any questions or queries, please email care@qube.com.au



With our commitment to promoting healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, we have developed a series of initiatives that provide useful information for our employees in particular focus areas. We work with industry professionals and experts in their fields to provide information that is accurate and relevant for our employees. Literature and tools from each of these initiatives will be available online within each program.


Skin Check

When was your last skin check? Early detection saves lives. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. A simple skin check tool can help identify warning signs. Check yourself. Check your family. See a doctor if there are any concerns. Protecting your skin from the sun reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Active Body, Healthy Mind

Did you know that nearly 2 out of every 3 Australians are overweight? Every year, on average each of us gain between 0.5kg and 1kg of weight. Considering your food options and understanding how to make healthy swaps in your food and drink choices can make a considerable difference to your overall health.

Mental Health, Save a Mate!

Mental illness is common in Australia, with nearly 1 in every 5 people experiencing some form of mental illness during their lifetime. We encourage individuals to look out for each other and engage in conversations that can make a difference.

Step Up to the Qube Challenge

Exercise plays an important role in health and wellbeing. With many of our workplaces becoming increasingly sedentary, we want to encourage people to consider their movement in their daily routine. Our Qube teams are encouraged to register a team to receive a pedometer for each member and enter our November steps challenge. Register your team here

Taking Care of Your Sleep

Fatigue, low energy, poor concentration and mood as a result of poor sleep can heavily impact your daily life and also have serious effects on your health. Ensure you are aware of the warning signs that impact your health and life. Tools available in January 2019

Employee Resources

Medibank and Qube Holdings

As part of our commitment to your health and wellbeing, Qube has partnered with Medibank to offer you access to a corporate health cover program.  The program includes access to specific Qube rates and extras cover. For full details click here

Access EAP and Qube Holdings

Understanding that mental health is vital, Qube has partnered with AccessEAP to offer you access to support resources when and where you need it most. Call 1800 81 87 28 Р27/7 or for more information click here