Active Body, Healthy Mind

The average weight of Australians is increasing. Factors such as sedentary lifestyles, reduced exercise, changing job roles, processed foods and time pressures, mean that many Australian are gaining increased weight that is putting significant pressure on their health and wellbeing.

Key contributing factors to maintaining a healthy weight are diet and exercise.

Selecting healthy options in your diet can be challenging, especially when messaging around healthy options can be confusing and difficult to understand. To simplify understanding around food choices, we have developed some useful tools that help you consider your food and drink options when it comes to healthier choices. Designed as magnets that can be applied to your site fridges, these magnets have been developed in conjunction with a dietitian to give you an insight into ways you can reduce your Kilojoule intake and the associated exercise time associated with your food and drink choices.

This information has been provided as a guide to help you consider your food and drink choices. The data has been calculated on a 90kg male with a daily kilojoule estimate of 9,500kj and a 70kg female with a daily kilojoule allowance of 7,400kj.