SleepFit Enquiry

Complete the form below to register for the SleepFit Reset Program. Your information will be forwarded directly to SleepFit. Your information will remain 100% confidential and will not be accessed by any member of Qube.

What is the SleepFit Reset Program?

The SleepFit program is a 100% confidential program that is managed independently by SleepFit Solutions Pty Ltd. All personal information from the program is collected solely by SleepFit Solutions Pty Ltd for the purpose of administering the SleepFit platform and program. Qube will never receive individual results. Qube is limited to knowing names of participants in the program for the purpose of verifying employment and will only ever receive an aggregated report with anonymous information. The aggregated information is used for the purpose of understanding the number of participants on the program and the results of the Qube Group. The SleepFit program and tools are at no cost to Qube employees who are participating in the program.