“I got my first job with Qube in 2001 and absolutely fell in love with it."

What is your role at Qube?

My current role is the Pilbara Regional Manager. I’m responsible for The Utah Point Bulk Handling Facility, our stevedoring operations in Port Hedland, and our transport business in the Pilbara. Daily, I oversee approximately 300+ employees, including critical elements of reporting and safety.

Where did you start at Qube?

From the beginning, I really enjoyed the comradeship and the team attitude. In 2010, my family and I moved to Utah Point where I started in the role as shift manager. In 2011, I took the opportunity to become the Operations Manager for our Port Hedland General stevedoring operations, and then later I became the Operations Manager of Utah Point, before finally becoming the Pilbara Regional Manager in 2015.

What is the best thing about working at Qube?

The people, the opportunities and, personally – for me and my family – adventure.  Also there are great opportunities to grow.  Another big aspect about Qube is safety – I am reminded daily about our organisation’s commitment to safety. For anyone considering working at Qube, if you maintain an open-mind and work hard, I am confident that opportunities will present themselves.

“I got my first job with Qube in 2001 and absolutely fell in love with it."