Why IDAHOBIT Is Important at Qube

IDAHOBIT stands for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia. At Qube, IDAHOBIT is a day when we recognise and celebrate diversity and demonstrate how we can make a difference to others who feel different, no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation or religion.

IDAHOBIT raises awareness for the work still needed to combat discrimination. Nearly half of all LGBTQIA+ people in Australia hide their sexual identity in the workplace and that 6 in 10 will experience verbal abuse.

Qube celebrates IDAHOBIT throughout our organisation to show that everyone is welcome and our workplaces are safe to bring your whole self. Qube understands that a workplace with a culture that allows team members to feel included, and encouraged to bring their whole selves to work, enables diversity to flourish, creating better experiences for our teams and customers whilst contributing to business success. Qube is dedicated to creating an environment in which inclusion, equity and diversity are recognised as being essential to employee well-being which in turn drives the performance of the Qube Group.

We know we will be successful when our teams are inclusive and diverse. Inclusion and diversity is not just about gender and that is why it is important we recognise days like IDAHOBIT.

Read more about the Qube Diversity Policy: Click Here


Olga De Oliveria

National Payroll Manager

“At Qube, we understand that each and every person is a unique individual and we recognise and value diversity. I believe that all employees should feel that they have a happy and safe work environment where we are all welcome.”

Oliver Karovski

General Manager - IT Innovation & Development

“IDAHOBIT is an important day to remind us that we are all individuals. I am pleased that we have a supportive, inclusive and diverse team at Qube and we are encouraged to do our best and be ourselves. The diversity across our business is what makes Qube such a special place to work.”

Leece Johnson

Qube Logistics Driver

“Coming out at work in 2003 as transgender was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do, then fighting for acceptance and being sacked from jobs just because you’re different in the eyes of others. As time has gone by, people and companies have come to accept me more. Nowadays, companies like Qube, are going that extra step with education. I have not had any problems with been transgender at Qube and people treat you just like another person, which is all that I want.”

Emily Link

Director - People, Culture and Safety

“I understand how important it is for Qube to have an inclusive workplace for job seekers, our employees and our success. Working for a company that values inclusion and embraces diversity is important to me. There is no place for discrimination at Qube and I have the courage to speak up against inappropriate situations because creating an environment where all our people and future people are free to bring their whole selves to work benefits everyone.”

Shane Collins

Director – Strategy and Development

“Everyone deserves to be who they are and feel secure in an inclusive society. The Qube family is welcoming of everyone and I pledge to play my part in creating and sustaining an inclusive environment for all.”

Gavin Dobb

General Manager - Qube Logistics

“I know how critical it is for myself in management to support Qube’s inclusive initiatives and to walk the talk in modelling Qube’s values.  Speaking up about discriminatory behaviour lets my team know that Qube values them and an inclusive workplace and it is the right thing to do.”

Brooke McNamara

National HR Advisor

“I believe everybody has a right to feel safe and be their true authentic self every day. By coming together on IDAHOBIT Day, it is a way for us to actively support and encourage inclusion and diversity within the Qube community.”

Joe Toohey

Group Manager Health & Wellbeing

“I know first-hand the critical importance that a supportive workplace plays for people to be their authentic self, regardless of the job or industry. It is incumbent upon all of us to create safe places of work and provide our people with the opportunity to be their best in every sense.”