Government Services

Qube has consolidated a range of experience and capabilities in the Qube Government Services business unit, and is well positioned to provide integrated logistics and service support to the public sector.

  • Advisory – expert assistance in logistics support planning and implementation;
  • Logistics support – transport, warehousing, container management (procurement, leasing, packing/unpacking), terminal management and the provision of specialised equipment; and
  • Infrastructure support – management of the design and construct functions for facilities and logistics equipment.

Qube currently supports the Australian Antarctic Division, Australian Border Force and Tasmanian Government’s TT-Line. We also support the US Navy, Republic of Singapore Navy and Indian Navy throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Qube also develops and operates logistics infrastructure, including warehouses, support bases and specialist handling equipment.

Qube managers are experienced in providing logistics support in challenging and austere environments. This experience extends to managing:

  • Naval Vessel Husbandry: supply of all port and support services to international navies;
  • Camp and Garrison Support: including catering, facilities management and maintenance, security and fuel supply;
  • Expeditionary Logistics: supporting 100 – 1,000 personnel in remote training and theatre environments;
  • Fuel Supply and Distribution;
  • Air Charter;
  • Land Transport;
  • Quarantine Cleaning; and
  • Rapid Response Humanitarian Logistics (Disaster and Crisis Management).



Our comprehensive network of services is the reason we are recognised as a leading provider of integrated logistics solutions focused on import and export supply chains.

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