Stay connected at Qube

Stop for Safety is our annual safety campaign, where we ask our people to reflect on the importance of safe work for themselves, their colleagues and the people that matter most to them.

This year’s theme, stay connected, is a reminder to remain focused on the ‘things that matter’. By staying connected to family, friends and colleagues, keeping up to date with changes in safety procedures and policies, and to tune in to business updates and announcements, together, we can continue to Thrive.

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Stop for Safety: Stay connected at Qube

At Qube, Safety is our number one priority. Whether it’s ensuring our people have access to the right equipment, proper PPE, support services (both in-person and online) and a safe work environment, we’re committed to ensuring that all of our people get home safe. This is where our annual Stop for Safety campaign comes in.

This year’s Stop for Safety theme ‘stay connected‘ is about our people, their mates and their families. By staying connected with those around us, not only will we be present and alert to the changing environments and everyday risks we encounter at work, but we can also be aware of the mental health of ourselves and those around us.

What ‘staying connected’ means to us:

  • Ensuring that we’re wearing the right PPE for the job
  • That we’re following the rules onsite and offsite (e.g. on the road and tracks)
  • That we’re thinking about the hazards on the job – what could harm me or others
  • Ensuring we stay connected to safety updates and changes in policies and procedures
  • That we keep on top of our inductions and other compliance requirements
  • Staying connected to our leaders and colleagues, by report hazards and near misses
  • Speaking up if something doesn’t look right or if w consider something to be a risk
  • Recognising that this can be a difficult time of year for some people, staying connected with our mates by checking in on their health and wellbeing



Watch what ‘staying connected’ means to our teams



Supporting Movember

Whether you’re planning an event on site, starting a mo growing comp or you want to get a group together to move this Movember, together, we can help change the face of Men’s health.

We’re getting behind the Movember mo-vement, because we’re committed to helping our people Thrive, with their health and wellbeing being one of our main priorities. Together with Movember, a leading Men’s health charity, we can help change the face of men’s health on a global scale, focusing on raising awareness and donations in support of mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

To show our support for Movember and Men’s health, we’re hosting local events, running activity groups, starting mo growing competitions, and we’re even adding giant mo’s to our offices, sites and an asset or two.

Check out our mo’s around town

Have you spotted a mo around town? Do you know a great spot for another Qube mo? Want a mo for your site, office or asset? Reach out to the team and we’ll get in touch!



Additional resources

Looking to add a Stop for Safety posters to your office? Want to download the latest Leaders guides and Toolbox Talks? Maybe you’re just looking to mo-ify your site for Movember. Regardless of what digital resource you need, you’ll find it below.