Whistleblower Report Form

This is the Whistleblower Report Form referred to in the Whistleblower Policy applicable to Qube’s New Zealand businesses. A copy of the policy is available here.

A Whistleblower may use this form if he or she has reasonable grounds to suspect the existence of serious wrong-doing (as defined in the policy) concerning Qube.  This is known as a protected disclosure.

Please consider providing as much of the information suggested in the boxes below. The more information that is provided the better Qube will be able to assess the report.

Reports may be made on an anonymous basis, however such reports may affect Qube’s ability to investigate the matter properly and to communicate with you about your report.  Reports will be treated confidentially, subject to limited exceptions as set out in the policy.

Lodged reports are received by Qube’s Protected Disclosure Officers for assessment and action.


False reporting

The protections available under the Whistleblower Policy and relevant legislation will not apply where a person makes a report that does not constitute a protected disclosure  (including where there is no reasonable basis for a report). A deliberately false or reckless report which does not constitute a protected disclosure could cause Qube and others significant loss and damage, as well as wasting time, effort and resources. Qube reserves the right to take appropriate action in any such case including treating it as a serious disciplinary matter.