Qube Renewables are specialists in end-to-end logistics renewable services. Qube, together with wholly-owned entity of Qube – LCR, provide an innovative and diverse service offering to companies investing in wind and solar technologies. The Qube Renewables team provide an unequalled service offering in the hybrid renewables industry through market-leading logistics, project and equipment services.

The LCR renewable service includes liaising with manufacturers, contractual negotiations, heavy haulage, logistics, crane hire, site services, installation and post-construction service agreements. Qube Renewables, part of the entire Qube network have the distinct ability to manage inventory management, vessel charter, global freight forwarding and customs clearance, stevedoring, break-bulk and container handling, as well as warehousing, distribution and storage.


Manufacturer and vessel charter contractual requirements

Global freight forwarding and customs clearance

Break bulk and container handling


Warehousing, Distribution and Storage

Crane Hire for Port and Site Lifting Services

Heavy Haulage and Logistics

Wind Turbine full installation and/or Crane Hire Packages

Post Construction Service and Maintenance Solutions

Why Qube Renewables?

  • Only Australian based logistics provider that can deliver fully integrated hybrid renewable solutions
  • Large Australian team with many years of experience over many projects
  • Innovative internal and employee systems
  • Unique end-to-end project solutions
  • Highest standards in safety and reliability
  • Specialised crane, transport and warehousing capabilities
  • Unique component and vehicle tracking system with client access
  • Access to Qube’s international network of logistics solutions
  • Efficient project management, engineering support and post-project management



Case Study

Coopers Gap Wind Farm

The AGL – Coopers Gap Wind Farm, located 250 km north-west of Brisbane, at completion in 2020 became Australia’s largest capacity wind farm. The project also happens to be one of the greatest technically advanced renewable energy logistics operations in Australia’s history. The Coopers Gap Wind Farm has the capacity of 453MW, producing approximately 1,510,000MWh of renewable energy – powering up to 264,000 average Australian homes.

The Qube Renewables Team, through LCR were actively involved in the coordination and logistics handling of all aspects of the project from cargo arrival, port operations, lifting services at port and site, plus deliver 1,230 over-dimensional loads of components via LCR’s heavy haulage services.

To make the transport of each turbine component possible, each component travelled more than 300 kilometres from the Port of Brisbane to the Coopers Gap site. Throughout the project teams spent more than 200,000-man hours, meticulously coordinating and moving each of these components, primarily throughout the night along some of Queensland’s major roads.

The project is estimated to have an investment in excess of $850 million, and boasts 123 turbines, making the Coopers Gap Wind Farm one of the largest wind farms in Australia.

For more information visit – https://www.agl.com.au/about-agl/how-we-source-energy/coopers-gap-wind-farm

Case Study

Limondale Solar Farm

Located 14 kilometres south of Balranald, New South Wales lies the Innogy Renewables Australia, Limondale Solar Farm. The farm itself has a planned installed capacity of 349 megawatts, made up of approximately 872,000 panels, covering an area of 900 hectares (equivalent in size to around 415 football fields) and once complete will generate enough electricity to power up to 105,000 homes each year.

Qube Renewables, as part of the Limondale Solar Farm was able to provide specialised transport and warehousing facilities during the construction of the project. The project itself provides a number of benefits to the community including the employment of a peak workforce of 300 – 400 individual contractors, it assists in meeting state and federal government targets for renewable energy as well as playing a crucial role in increasing energy security by contributing to a more diverse energy mix.

Full commercial operation of the Limondale Solar Farm is expected by mid 2020.

For more information visit – https://iam.innogy.com/en/about-innogy/innogy-innovation-technology/renewables/solar-energy/limondale-solar-plant

Case Study

Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

Approximately 35 km west of Ballarat in Victoria’s central highlands lies the Goldwind – Stockyard Hill Wind Farm. The project consists of 149 approved wind turbines with the potential to power approximately 390,000 homes, annually. The Stockyard Hill Wind Farm is expected to provide substantial environmental, community and economic benefits.

The Qube Renewables Team, through LCR have been instrumental in the effective coordination and movement of each of Goldwind’s turbine components from the Port of Geelong to the site west of Ballarat. Through harnessing Qube Logistics’ expertise, Qube Renewables are able to provide a truly efficient, integrated logistics solution by servicing each of the client’s needs at the various stages of the process.

The project (still under construction) when complete will have a capacity of approximately 530MW and will save approximately two tonnes of CO2 per year.

For more information visit – https://www.stockyardhillwindfarm.com.au/


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