Qube Procurement is a team of highly experienced Asian market specialists, based in Australia and throughout Asia, who are experts in managing offshore purchasing and logistics. 

Following the acquisition of Lasso in 2019, Qube Procurement formed as a division of Qube Logistics. Lasso was founded in late 2006 by two partners who sought a more streamlined way to manage offshore purchasing and logistics.

Combining the expertise of Qube Logistics with the decades of experience offered by the Lasso team, Qube Procurement effectively works with stakeholders across the supply chain, face to face, offering a truly unique supply chain model. We work on existing products under manufacture, new product development and enhancement.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to assess our customer’s needs to identify, recommend and implement efficiencies in their supply chain.

Why Qube Procurement?

  • Dedicated Australian account manager to work directly with you meaning a single point of customer contact to keep our clients informed of each step of the process and the delivery schedule
  • Our own expert Western teams are strategically placed in Asia covering China, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia
  • Vast networks of suppliers to provide you with the best quality products for your needs
  • Globally recognised quality assurance standards during production and packing
  • Shipping is managed in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Management of all documentation processing, customs and AQIS clearances
  • Delivery direct to your warehouse including transportation from the wharf to the designated site, including unpacking and palletisation. Where warehousing is required, we handle stock coordination and control
  • Our focus is refining your supply chain, creating efficiencies and fine-tuning your product and importation costs
  • We’re not just your service provider, we become an extension of your business, one of your team members
Qube Procurement Brochure
Client Brief

A comprehensive overview of our client requirements to ensure in depth product knowledge and benefits are included in the brief

Sourcing Solutions

Detailed market research of prime manufacturing locations within China and Southeast Asia with the aim with the aim of identifying a minimum of 25 potential suppliers.

Supplier Assessment & Shortlists

The potential supplier facilities will be audited against a detailed due diligence checklist. We present the leading three suppliers with full audit reports, comparison tables and a consolidated recommendation report. Our teams ensure that the recommended suppliers are capable of consistent, quality manufacture in line with Australian quality expectations

Supplier Audit

Our Supplier Audit Report includes a review of:

  1. Supplier legitimacy and ownership
  2. Management and production systems
  3. Storage and sourcing of raw materials and batch processing identification
  4. Assessment of samples and product options
  5. Quality control checkpoints and processes
  6. Potential improvements and preventative actions
Production Supervision

Being on ground, in the factory, and supervising production ensures consistent, quality manufacture. Importantly, as your sales grow, realising the benefits of direct procurement, our production oversight means increased demand will not equal increased headaches or quality fade.

Quality Control & Inspections

Four stage Quality Control process

  1. Initial production inspection
  2. During production inspection
  3. Final pre-shipment inspection

With a global network of Qube offices and facilities we are able to land cargo as required, on time and on budget.

Free Supply Chain Audit.

Challenge our team to improve your sourcing and supply chain costs.

Due to Qube Procurement’s unique vertical integration, we can offer customers a free Supply Chain Audit whereby we can identify, recommend and implement changes to increase efficiency and save costs to your overall supply chain.

Case Studies.

Read our Procurement Case Studies

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