Reconciliation Action Plan artwork by Darren CharlwoodReconciliation Action Plan

Sydney based Indigenous artist, Darren Charlwood, created this artwork for Qube’s Reconciliation Action Plan in 2023.

Darren is a Wiradjuri man from the yabaay wagaan (wedge tail eagle and crow) mob in Wellington and explained that the name of the work, Yindyamarra, is a Wiradjuri word that describes respect, gentleness, kindness and balance.

“I wanted to create a work that showed the balance and interconnectedness that exists between people and the sea and the country.

“Because Qube has operations all over Australia, I thought it was important to show all of those connections from the ports dotted all around the coastline, to the inland rivers, and the roads and the rail networks that span the country. I also included Indigenous trade routes to show how enduring those connections are.

“The white motifs on the ocean symbolise movement, whether it be whales migrating or ships moving along the coastline, and the white lines around the coastline symbolise shipping channels. Along the Queensland coast, I have also used a more aqua shade to show the Great Barrier Reef and the red in the centre symbolises the desert. Everything exists in balance and is interconnected.”