Mechanical and engineering.

Qube runs an internal Mechanical and Engineering Division throughout New Zealand. We operate and maintain a range of heavy machinery including specialist and custom-built equipment for the range of commodities we handle.

We believe in using machinery that is fit for purpose and best suited to the task for supply chain safety and efficiency.


Qube transport operations offer an array of haulage services. These can be incorporated within other supply chain services that we offer, such as warehousing and/or container packing, or can be utilised by our customers as a “stand alone” transport service.

We run a modern fleet of high payload equipment that provides efficient and safe movement of our customers’ product. We are known to develop industry first proprietary supply chain solutions for specialised transport for a range of commodities.

This results in Qube consistently delivering transport solutions that meet our customers’ requirements, no matter what the supply chain challenge might be.

Log Marshalling.

Qube provides a flexible and innovative log scaling and marshalling service. Built around a philosophy of anywhere anytime, we have developed processes and systems which allow us to commence activities in locations where there is not any form of connectivity, with minimal setup time.

We have revolutionised the handling of export logs through:

– Robotic Scaling Machines (see video)

– Custom built log trailers and towing tractors (for on and off-highway roads)

– Fit for purpose high stackers and wheeled loaders.

This allows our customers’ log cargoes to be stored at locations that can be well away from the berth with no impact on load rates.

Our equipment ensures yard receival is handled smoothly and efficiently while always maximising the storage levels of yards.

Finished Products.

Qube has an extensive history in finished products marshalling
operations. Comprised of a modern fleet, including specialised equipment and machinery,

We are well equipped to deliver a range of marshalling solutions including (but not limited to):

  • Lumber
  • Project Cargo
  • Pulp
  • Containers


Qube (formerly ISO) has a proud history of stevedoring on the New Zealand waterfront and is rated as an industry leader in all aspects of cargo handling. We safely and efficiently manage millions of tonnes of cargo each year onto and off hundreds of vessels throughout New Zealand.

Innovations & Technology.

Qube is focused on the development and use of technology to drive efficient and effective business practices throughout its operations. The company has a history of building and implementing leading edge technologies; from complete Stevedoring solutions to innovative use of mobile devices, wifi technologies and telecoms networks.


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Tauranga 3116,
New Zealand

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