Procurement Case Study – Aluminium ProfilesProcurement

QUBE Procurement was asked to provide a cost-effective solution to supply extruded aluminium profiles and other accessories used in our client’s terracotta wall façade system.


The cost to manufacture the aluminium profiles in Australia was prohibitively high, which led to the clients wall façade system being less competitive in the market. The cost to produce the rails in China was indeed lower, however very high import tariffs in Australia meant little to no saving.


QUBE Procurement began looking outside of China and visited six factories in Vietnam and Thailand. Thailand was selected as
the new manufacturing location due to Thailand’s experience in working with the exacting requirements of the Japanese auto industry. Through our search we found several suppliers that would ensure the quality and precision needed. QUBE Procurement was responsible for a large cost saving compared to profiles being produced in Australia. QUBE Procurement now send aluminium products to the USA and Australia.