Rob Vranesic – Stevedoring Team LeaderEmployee Stories

Keeping Tassie Stocked

What do you do at Qube?

I’m a team leader at the Spirit of Tasmania. I have been working with Qube since 1997, and began working with the Sprit of Tasmania in 2000. I have progressed through the ranks in that time. I currently manage a team whereby we load the vessel with freight, cargo, passenger vehicles and semis. We also service the vessel. We have to do all this carefully but quickly, so that the vessel gets out on time. It’s like one big jigsaw puzzle, every centimetre counts.

What’s the best thing about this job?

The hours of operation. You tend to do your shift in the morning, then you go home until you come back in the afternoon. You know your roster – everyone knows what days they’re working and what days they’re off, which has really suited me over the years. I also enjoy the interaction with my colleagues – we have a good time at work and every day is a different challenge. Because it’s an essential service for Tasmania, the vessel needs to be operated daily, which allows great opportunities for career progression.

What do you like about working at Qube?

Qube is always willing to invest time in training you, especially from a safety perspective, which is good. Over the last five years I have seen a very thorough improvement within the industry. With less people getting injured in the industry, that’s a positive for everyone.

“If you can prove yourself and conduct yourself in a respectable way, you’re sure to have a good career here”.