Qube, as part of its commitment to the success of port rail, with the aim to improve access for the movement of freight on rail into and out of the Port of Melbourne, has established an Open Access Regime for all parties to facilitate access to its Victoria Dock Rail Facility located at Enterprize Road, West Melbourne.

The terminal is open to all third party operators and customers in accordance with the attached open access protocols.

For further information, please download the links below or contact Qube directly via the contact details provided.

Rail network and rail pathing

For rail path applications and information, please access Australian Rail Track Corporation’s (ARTC) DTPOS site:

The code in DTPOS to select for a train to run into the Victoria Dock is “WGS”.


Contact Details

For enquiries regarding access to Qube Victoria Dock Rail Terminal please contact either:



Information to be provided to make a booking

  • Type of freight customer proposes to move
  • Number of TEU’s
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Date/time of freight task