Qube Ports is a major integrated port solutions provider in Australia with bulk and general handling facilities in over 40 Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian ports. We lead the market in providing purpose designed solutions for our customers, handling containers, bulk, automotive and general cargo.


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Qube Ports’ operations comprise on-wharf and port precinct facilities in all Australian capital city ports, and both dry bulk materials and general cargo facilities in a further 24 regional port locations. Combined with cargo storage, shed operations, materials handling, heavy-haul transport, warehousing and distribution operations, we are able to service our customers’ needs across a broad mix of industries and critical supply chains.

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Qube Ports is the largest automotive stevedore in Australia, with experience across the huge range of automotive cargo imported into the country. We add significant value to our automotive clients as the general stevedore of choice through the discharge and load of vessels across 7 ports nationally, handling over 750,000 units per year.

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Bulk Cargo Integrated Solutions

Qube Ports specialises in the development and management of an integrated bulk cargo service solutions incorporating stevedoring, transport and storage of bulk products. Our experienced team understands the demands of importing/exporting small parcels as well as large parcels of bulk products through a number of differing load and discharge systems.



Qube Forestry
Qube Forestry provides a range of services across the forestry supply chain in the Australian export and domestic markets. With a growing customer base, the business continues to develop its services in the following sectors: ­ Infield and static chipping ­ Clear fall and thinning services ­ Woodchip and log haulage ­ Residue chipping and stump spraying ­ Log marshalling and scaling services ­ Stock pile and inventory management ­ Vessel loading and port infrastructure. Through the development of IT systems to enhance our service offering to our customers, Qube’s marshalling services are supported by our industry leading scaling and inventory management software, LMS. Qube’s strategy is to expand our service capability across the forestry supply chain, delivering safe, efficient and innovative solutions that improve supply chain synergies and create value for our customers and stakeholders, which has also been achieved through the acquisitions of Harvestco in 2022 and Les Walkden Enterprises in 2021.

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ISO Limited
ISO Limited is a New Zealand logistics company providing flexible and innovative stevedoring, marshalling, warehousing, haulage, IT and total supply chain solutions across the forestry sector. ISO has over 1,200 staff operating throughout New Zealand, and handles in excess of 14 million tonnes of export cargo annually. ISO’s dedication to flexibility and innovation has led to ISO being New Zealand’s largest export logistics provider.


Qube has consolidated a range of experience and capabilities in the Qube Energy division. We are ideally situated to provide comprehensive support with offshore supply bases servicing the oil and gas industry.

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Government Services

Qube offers expertise and capability in providing integrated logistics and service support to the public sector. We develop and operate logistics infrastructure, including warehouses, support bases and specialised handling equipment.

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International Services

Qube International is headquartered in Singapore and is a leading provider of integrated logistics services connecting the world to Australasian regions, with an unrivalled network of assets in over 100 locations across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Qube International is a fully integrated logistics partner in the oil and gas industry, providing integrated pipeline and infrastructure solutions, operating supply bases and managing global supply chains.

With world-class oil and gas supply base facilities in key South East Asian and Australian locations and a network of agents globally, Qube International can provide extensive experienced personnel in operations and project management across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Heavy Haulage

Qube provides safe, efficient and experienced heavy haulage services across Australia to the mining, oil and gas, power generation and infrastructure industries. The work is undertaken with a modern, safe, purpose built fleet operated by highly experienced personnel.



Qube is strategically located across all major Australian and New Zealand ports with a growing footprint in South East Asia. Many of our sites operate 24/7 in order to maximise efficiencies for our customers.

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