Dominic Hearne – Terminal Operations ClerkEmployee Stories

Pathways via Clontarf Foundation

What do you do at Qube?

I am a Terminal Operations Clerk and will be celebrating my two years working at Qube Logistics at the end of November 2019. I generally work with the trains and in the yard helping to find containers for clients and also plugging in the reefers and making sure the reefers are running at their required temperatures. I also work with the trains that come in and out of Vic Dock, working both throughout the week and the weekend, to ensure that all containers the customers have requested make the train and their destination.

What do you like about your role at Qube?

It’s something I enjoy coming to in the early morning. Different trains each day and different challenges to overcome and face, all whilst working in a great team with my colleagues Anthony, Cem and Ang. I enjoy dealing with different clients each day of the week, which minimises any repetitiveness and makes my role enjoyable.

What do you like about working for Qube?

Although I may have only been here for a few short years, I see myself being here for a long time, for as long as I can. A few things that I quite enjoy about working for Qube is the safe environment that is implemented throughout all areas – it makes it easier to work and a lot more enjoyable too! Another thing I like about working for Qube is the friendly atmosphere, it makes you feel as work is a second home and makes the day go quick. Finally, I was extremely grateful when Qube gave me the opportunity to work in such a great place straight out of school and straight out of the Clontarf Program.

“Qube is not only here to ensure that you are working in a safe, friendly environment, but is also here to improve your skills as a worker and as a person”