Limondale Solar FarmRenewables

Located 14 kilometres south of Balranald, New South Wales lies the Innogy Renewables Australia, Limondale Solar Farm. The farm itself has a planned installed capacity of 349 megawatts, made up of approximately 872,000 panels, covering an area of 900 hectares (equivalent in size to around 415 football fields) and once complete will generate enough electricity to power up to 105,000 homes each year.

Qube Renewables, as part of the Limondale Solar Farm was able to provide specialised transport and warehousing facilities during the construction of the project. The project itself provides a number of benefits to the community including the employment of a peak workforce of 300 – 400 individual contractors, it assists in meeting state and federal government targets for renewable energy as well as playing a crucial role in increasing energy security by contributing to a more diverse energy mix.

Full commercial operation of the Limondale Solar Farm is expected by mid 2020.

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