Qube Logistics provides complete logistics services incorporating road and rail transport, warehousing and distribution, container parks and related services, intermodal logistics hubs including rail terminals and global services incorporating procurement, freight forwarding, import and export services. Our services can be combined as an integrated solution or tailored to meet individual client needs.


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Qube Logistics operates container parks conveniently close to wharf terminals at all major shipping lines along the eastern seaboard (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane), Port Adelaide and Fremantle ports. All parks, which are among Australia’s largest, operate the latest forklift machinery and EDI capabilities.

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Qube Containers – Sales, Hire & Modifications

Qube Containers is a leading supplier of safe, secure and durable containers within Australia. We sell and hire new and used 20’ and 40’ containers and 10’ fridge/freezer units with long and short-term hire options. Reefer units are also available for hire or sale. All containers are suitable as secure storage units or shipping containers. Given everyone’s needs are different, we can convert or modify a shipping container to almost any use.

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Qube Logistics New Zealand

Formerly the Pinnacle Group and the Specialised Group of Companies, including MetroBox Ltd (New Zealand), Qube Logistics New Zealand operates both port-based and stand-alone facilities in locations throughout New Zealand, providing customers with a range of services including container storage and handling (empty container parks), refrigerated container maintenance and repair, container transport and warehousing, predominantly for Tier 1 global customers.

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The Qube Global team provides services for those looking to import or export products. Our services combine global forwarding operations and customs clearance capabilities with Qube logistics landside freight. Qube Global delivers a distinct advantage in Australia by providing complete end-to-end logistics services with a single point of contact.

Our services include:

  • Global forwarding – single point of contact forwarding and customs clearance
  • Procurement – sourcing and quality assurance for off-shore sourced products.
  • Import – a comprehensive network of freight services from 300 cities in more than 80 countries including FCL, LCL and bulk shipments
  • Export – dedicated worldwide export capabilities with a seamless international tracking solution

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Qube Logistics is a leading supplier of Australia-wide warehousing and distribution solutions with an expansive warehouse footprint within Australia’s major ports. We offer complete warehousing services including all modes of distributions, FMCG import specialist services, customs/AQIS services and an IT system for end-to-end visibility. Most of our warehouses are located either on the port or at an inland port location with rail and road connection to the nearest seaport. By location alone, our ports-to-warehouse synergies are the best in the business.

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Rail Services

Qube Logistics (Rail) Services currently operate an average of 150 rail services per week in metropolitan and regional areas. Initially established to provide integrated rail solutions to the intermodal and bulk markets, the rail team are now supply maintenance and infrastructure work trains to Network Owners and the broader Australian Rail Construction and Maintenance Industry.

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Any environmental, noise or any other feedback or complaints in relation to our rollingstock please contact – rollingstock.complaints@qube.com.au or +61 (2) 8777 5902

Environment Protection Licence – Annual Rolling Stock Performance Reports

Qube Agri

Qube Agri offers regional grain exporters direct access to world markets. Providing onsite services such as seed and fertiliser management, silo and bulker storage, grading and bagging and container packing, as well as road and rail transport options. Qube Agri has the unique ability to provide long term value to regional growers and stakeholders through the provision of a seamless supply chain, together with Quattro in Port Kembla and Qube’s container services in Port Botany.

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Qube Logistics’ operates 900+ prime movers and an extensive range of trailers across all of Australia’s key ports, quickly and effectively to move cargo from port to warehouses, retail stores, or directly to your customer. Wharf cartage services combined with live track and trace via our outstanding IT system capabilities capture and record every freight movement.

In addition to traditional container and pallet transport, Qube Logistics has the capability to provide specialised logistics in the handling and delivery of bulk products such as:

  • food products and ingredients;
  • polymers; and
  • various industrial fields, such as cement, fly ash and lime.

These services include transportation and logistics, container management, warehousing and storage for food grade, hazardous and non-hazardous goods and sea and air freight divisions.

Qube Logistics can meet both national and international requirements of customers and business requiring a range of specialised logistics.

Sector specific and special projects

Qube Logistics’ leading IT infrastructure provides a seamless end-to-end track-and-trace freight system and is suitable for all retail or FMCG clients. In addition, cross-docking facilities allow for quick dispatch to your premises. Qube Logistics provides industrial and agricultural transport solutions with sophisticated handling capabilities.

Whether it’s project management or a complete operational solution, Qube Logistics will ensure your project logistics always get the right process, equipment and tools. And we are up for any special project challenge and offer heavy-lift cranes, heavy haulage and large, oversized items storage. Qube Logistics can provide the perfect solution for the movement of any unique or abnormal/wide-load and delicate items.


Quattro grain loading and bulk import facility located in Port Kembla, NSW, was established in 2015. The facility is owned and operated by Qube and is a modern facility can handle up to 1,200,000 tonnes of grain per year and bulk imports such as fertiliser, protein meals and other commodities. The facility is linked to Qube Agri regional sites and Qube Rail provides grain haulage services to users of the facility.


TQ is a joint venture between Qube and JXTG, a major refiner from Japan. TQ has development approval to construct a bulk liquids facility at Port Kembla capable of distributing more than 1 billion litres of product annually.


Qube Logistics has extensively developed and expanded its portfolio to become Australia’s single biggest provider of logistics services.

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Qube Logistics

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